Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Blog Post!

So I caved in, followed the trend, and started a photography blog! I'm planning on using it partly for photographic updates on my personal life, but mainly as a posting spot for client shoots.

I'm greatly excited for my summer, which starts in precisely 17 days. Why am I so excited, you may ask? Because of all the wonderful people I'll be taking pictures of! I'm excited for flip-flops, being warm, driving my jeep with the windows down, cook-outs with friends...but I'm much more excited to be getting back into the swing of things photographically. The major downside about being away at college is the lack of photo session opportunities. But soon I'll be back in my beautiful valley!

To top off this momentous occasion,
the first blog post, here's one of my favorites pictures from last summer, for your viewing pleasure. So much love! It just makes me smile.

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  1. LOVE, love, love this pic of them! So beautiful and perfect!!

  2. Yay!!!! I was wondering when you were gonna get a blog :)